Goal Experiment Summary Report: Survey Pop

After the first attempt at setting up a goal experiment on my Angular app didn’t work, I conducted research on how to correct this issue.

I found an Angular service called angular-google-analytics which provides a way to use Google Analytics on Angular Apps.

It can be installed using Bower and there are a lot of configuration options that you can put into the App.js file including event tracking.

When I tried adding the service to my application I was experiencing errors so I decided to go to Plan B which is running an experiment on my User Journal.

I created two variations of the article “Content Experiment on Survey Pop.” The original version has a text link to the Survey Pop application and the variation has a green button that links to the Survey Pop application.


What were the results of your Content Experiment? Did they match what you thought would happen?

After four days of data collection, there were some preliminary results available.


So far, the variation is outperforming the original with 2 conversions in 4 experiment sessions. The original also had 2 conversions but in 6 experiment sessions. The conversion rate for the variation is 50%, versus 33% for the original.

CNN can now project that variation 1 will be the winner of the experiment. Just kidding. Google Analytics gives variation 1 a 68.9% probability of outperforming the original.

My hypothesis is that the green button is helping to encourage people to click on the link because it stands out against the white background of the page. I predicted that the green button would increase conversions, and so far the data supports this prediction.

Have you been tempted to use less ethical means of converting users? (e.g. Misrepresenting links, spamming, false keywords, etc.)

I have not been tempted to mislead the visitor to increase conversions. This seems counterproductive because if the user doesn’t convert by their own accord, they probably won’t be willing to make a purchase or anything else that requires some effort.

This question reminds me of the tactic of popup windows to ask the user for an email newsletter signup. This is controversial because it can be annoying to the user, but there is probably good data that this tactic increases conversions significantly. If I decided to use this tactic, I might delay the popup so only people who have spent some time on the website would see the popup, instead of getting a popup right when they first visit the website.

Are these tools (Google Analytics) usable? Have they been challenging for you?
It was great learning about how to implement content experiments on a website. It seems pretty simple to implement on a site although I was not able to get the experiment to work on an Angular application because Google thought that there were only one or two pages on the site instead of the actual page count (6-8 pages). I wasn’t able to get the google analytics service to work on my app without errors. I think it would help to use a service like Prerender.io which creates a static version of each page and makes Angular apps more “Google friendly.”

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