Content Experiment on Survey Pop

I set up a A/B test on the homepage of Survey Pop to test whether adding a button increased visits to the survey page.

First I created a new angular route with Yeoman for my angular app called mainvariation and copied the homepage HTML to mainvariation.html. There is a slight change between the two versions which is adding a button to the link “View the Survey”.


I then set up a new experiment in Google Analytics which included adding a goal of a visit to the survey page. I set the goal of visiting the survey page as the criteria for a successful outcome. I then added the JavaScript code to the head section of my Index.html.

Google Analytics confirmed that the code was working on the page I am testing. I solicited test subjects at the course Slack channel and GA tracked 10 sessions in the first day.


After 6 days I rechecked the results of the experiment and there were still zero goal conversions for both variations.


After some investigation, I found that Google Analytics thinks that my app only has two pages.


Since, Google Analytics can not tell that the survey page is a different page than the home page of the app, it can not determine when a goal has been completed. I haven’t found a workaround for this issue yet.

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