Adding Goal Tracking:

I am adding goal tracking to my personal blog


I would like to track the goal of clicking on a link to view my current resume but that might not produce enough data for the purposes of this assignment. Instead I will track the goal of spending more than three minutes on my blog. This will tell me whether people are immediately bouncing or spending some time reading my blog.

In July my blog had 580 users visit the site with an average session time of just 54 seconds.

I added a goal of spending at least 3 minutes on the site and set an arbitrary $1 value for experimental purposes. The test showed that there was a 8.33% conversion rate in the last 7 days.



Easy peasy.

After a couple days I checked the status of the goal tracking.

I had 6 goal conversions on August 12th but 0 goal conversions on August 13th. It also shows the page where the conversion took place in the conversion report page.

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