Analytics Report: Ranked Blogs

For this project, I am reviewing the Google Analytics of a website project I built with the help of a mentor last year at It is an Angular application with the purpose of ranking the best blogs in different categories based on votes and website data from the Moz API.

My predictions about the traffic:

My site is most popular with women, ages 25-45, from the US.
Most of my users come from links from blogs.
The most popular search terms that lead people to my site are “ranked blogs”, “dad blogs”, and “code school blogs”.
The most popular page on my site are my top dad blogs.


A majority of traffic is from the United States with 137 sessions (67.49%) in the past month. The second largest country is the United Kingdom with 26 sessions (12.81%) in the past month.

Most users are currently coming from direct traffic (89 out of 203 sessions). Referrals was the second largest source of traffic (50 sessions) followed by organic search (38 sessions) and social (26 sessions).

The most popular search terms were not available. 37 out of the 38 sessions from search were “not provided.” The one session with data had the search term of “top mom blogs 2016.”

The most popular page is the craft blogs with 100 sessions in the last month (29.41% of sessions). This was followed by mom blogs with 57 sessions (16.76%), dad blogs with 38 sessions (11.18%), and farming blogs also with 38 sessions (11.18%).

The average time on site was 3 minutes and 55 seconds while the bounce rate was 79.31% and the exit rate was 59.71%.

I learned that you have to enable demographic reports in your Analytics account to view the demographic data from your site.


I also enabled search console to get additional data like the devices visitors were using.


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