Adding Transcripts to a YouTube Video

I uploaded a presentation I recorded in the first quarter of the Seattle University Web Development Certificate titled “The WordPress Switch to JavaScript.”

I went into the closed captioning settings to view the transcript of the video where I noticed there were a lot of errors and YouTube does not know how to put periods or question marks at the end of sentences.

There were more errors than I expected and it did take quite a bit of work to correct all the errors and add all the periods. It doesn’t seem to understand brand names very well such as Angular or WordPress so you usually have to fix those errors. Some of the errors are hilarious like mistaking “pull requests” with “poetry class.”

I am not too surprised that there were so many errors. On one hand I thought that Google would have better transcription technology because they do transcription a lot with Android’s voice commands. However, it is a difficult problem for computers to understand language and I’m sure it will get better.

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