First UX Report:

I reviewed the website Operation Code at Operation Code is a non-profit organization that helps veterans learn to code.


The purpose of this site is to get veterans to join the Operation Code community and to get anyone to donate.

The website uses Bootstrap and Ruby on Rails.

Criteria #1 Does the text on the website omit unnecessary words?

The text could potentially be made more concise. It is not immediately apparent what website provides and what the benefits are of signing up (if you look more closely you can discover that you are signing up to be part of a community and can participate in a mentorship).

The text of the slides are:
“Welcome back. You served your country. Now let’s get you coding and to your next mission.”
“Those who’ve served shouldn’t learn to code alone. Our software mentorship program in a peer-to-peer, safe learning environment gets you coding today.”
“Expanding our country’s technical talent shortage with our nation’s finest who can code. Service to country continues.”

The first slide explains that the visitor can start coding but does not specify what they will code or how.

The second slide explains that the visitor can participate in a mentorship to learn to code.

The third slide explains that the mission is to address the country’s technical talent shortage with veterans.

I would question whether the slideshow helps usability. The visitor has to wait for the text of the slides to appear to learn more and there doesn’t appear to be a way to pause the slide show or advance to a different slide.

Also, if a visitor is scanning the page, they are probably not willing to wait for the slide show.

Criteria #2 Am I presented with clear, easily understandable choices?

There appear to be two main choices: join or donate.

This is made pretty clear by the words “Join” or “Donate” highlighted with gray boxes that seem like links.

The choice could be made more clear if the background color stood out more or if the background looked like a button that should be clicked.

Criteria #3 Is the text easy to read?

The slide show has white text on an image background which is somewhat difficult to read. I would suggest putting a dark background color with some transparency to improve the readability of the text.


Criteria #4 Is the site optimized for visitors who are scanning the page?

I think the slideshow is not optimized for scanners because they do not want to wait and it is slightly difficult to read the text.

When you scroll down the page you see a lot of headings that provide more information about what the site is about. However, since there are a lot of headings, the reader may not know which ones are important.

The first 5 headings include:

The fastest way for military, veterans and their families to get coding.

Save time

Hands-on coding

Expert insights

Nurturing space

The scanner would learn from the headings that the website helps them to learn to code (while saving time, with hands-on training, expert-led, in a nurturing space).

The rest of the headings are:

Programs & Services

Software Mentorship

Scholarship Program

Employer Services



Why Operation Code?

Latest news

Recent highlights from our blog

The additional headings provide information on benefits provided including mentorship, scholarships, employment help, and advocacy.