Famous Internet Dogs

I’ve compiled a short list of some influential and important dogs in Internet history, so far.

  1. Tuna- The underdog with the overbite. Instagram 1.7 followers

    Tuna is an ambassador for animal rescue, since he too was once rescued, and it has become a part of Tuna’s mission to raise awareness for rescue groups through Instagram.

  2. Marnie the dog. Instagram 1.7m followers
    Marnie the dog wearing backpack in Hollywood!
    Marnie the dog

    This dog has more celebrity selfies than Macklemore. A 12-year-old rescue Shih-Tzu living in NYC, Marnie promotes senior pet adoption.

  3. Larry the Dog. Facebook, 400k followers
    Larry the Dog with butterfly.
    Larry the Dog with butterfly.

    Larry is a bull dog just trying to change the world’s outlook on other Pit Bulls.

  4. Ready, Set, Go! Myna seemed to pick up on page views right away. I am going to email Version1 to 20 people, and version2 to 20 people and find out what happens!

    Content Experiement
    What the experiment looks like in Myna.

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