Content Experiment A/B testing

For my content experiment, I decided to try out A/B testing. I created two similar posts in my User Science Journal. The goal is to find out if which link to the dog’s website will receive the most clicks. If it’s placed prominently above the picture, or if it’s below the picture with the description of the dog.

Link placed above photo


Link placed below photo


My theory is that since people “scan” websites, the first variation with the link at the top will receive more clicks. I am excited to find out!

For the A/B experiement, I decided to use Myna.

    With Myna, the set up sounds super easy, which I am really excited about.

  1. design your experiment
  2. do a little bit of set up in Myna
  3. add a small piece of code to your website
  4. sit back and let the experiment run!

Setting up the experiment in Myna

  1. Set up a variant for each page.


  2. WordPress has a Myna plugin, but I am unable to install it on my site. I decided to give it a go by entering a snippet into the header of each of my pages to find out what happens.


  3. Ready, Set, GO! The code seems to be working, as Myna has detected me poking around my own site. I’l log off, send a few emails, and report back what happened in a few days.

    Content Experiement
    What the experiment looks like in Myna.

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