Project: Just Add Analytics!

Website tracked: Kim’s User Science Journal! I am interested to see if anyone ( besides myself) looks at my site .

Google Analytics is “some code” placed on this website that tracks visitors anonymously to my web-based Google Analytics account. In this particular case, being a WordPress site, I entered the code via Header/Footer plugin that was pre-installed into this template.

A glimpse at what “the code” looks like when grabbed from Google Analytics:

Google Analytics copy


Once the Analytics were installed on my site, I created a few basic filters to find out a little bit more about who visits my site.

  • Filter 1: Exclude my personal IP address
    Purpose: makes sure I don’t analyze myself!
  • Filter 2: Lowercase on request URI
    Purpose: makes sure there are no duplicate URLs in account.

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself too much while first experimenting

Things I would like to find out about my site:

  1. How many people are visiting my site? Are they leaving right away?
  2. How are they accessing my site ( desktop? mobile? tablet?)
  3. How many mobile users are on iOS vs Android?

After a few days of letting Google Analytics do it’s thing, here’s what I found out:

  1. My website had 66 unique visits in a just a few days!!
  2. 15% of new site visits were via mobile; 35% of returning visitors accessed my site via mobile.
  3. 83% of mobile visits were iOS vs 17% Android.

Below is an example of what my Google Analytics reporting looks like:



I am excited to learn more about the power of Google Analytics. As I gather more data and play around with the filters, it will be interesting to focus in of each of these visitor segments individually.

As I get more comfortable with Google Analytics, it will be helpful to start to see my audience’s specific needs and how I can adjust my website to benefit them,

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