Goal and Funnel part 2

Set up site search

The previous goals I set up (tracking clicks to another site) didn’t show up in Google Analytics.

I wanted to find out information about my users, and quickly. Through my google searches, I discovered some valuable data you can store up for down the road is Site Search. This is for any website with a search box on it, like the search box at the top of the My Blog.

  1. First, run a search on your website. Then keep the tab open. You will need the URL momentarily.
  2. Go to your Google Analytics Admin menu again, and in the View column, click on View Settings.

  3. Scroll down until you see Site Settings and toggle it to On.
  4. Look back at your URL for your search results. Enter the query parameter (usually s or q) and click Save. On my site, for example, the query parameter is s.
  5. FireShot Capture - Google Analytics_ - https___www.google.com_analytics_web_

  6. This will allow Google Analytics to track any searches made on your website so you can learn more about what your visitors are looking for on specific pages.
    • Conclusion:
      I am excited to see if anyone uses my search box and find out what people are searching for!

Project: Gooooaaaal! (and Funnel)

For this week’s project I am going to test the click through of various assistive devices.

FireShot Capture - Google Analytics_ - https___www.google.com_analytics_web_

Since we write about accessibility, I wanted to feature a few devices that are available and the amazon.com link they can be viewed at.

  • Stylus to assist those with handicaps and disabilities to access touch screen
  • Comfortable grip
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone, Windows tablet and Kindle
  • A very easy-to-use utility that reads to you, summarize content and it works with virtually any application.
  • Can read all common file types including PDF files, online Flash books, web pages and even HELP files.
  • The usability sections are easy to read, and broken up into specific user needs:
    • Blind and Visually Impaired
    • Low Vision
    • Hearing
    • Mobility

In conclusion: This week I simply set up a goal on my site and set up Google Analytics to track that goal using funnels. I will be doing the actual analysis in the coming week.  For this week I  just want to get everything in place to begin collecting data.

Project: Just Add Analytics!

Website tracked: Kim’s User Science Journal! I am interested to see if anyone ( besides myself) looks at my site .

Google Analytics is “some code” placed on this website that tracks visitors anonymously to my web-based Google Analytics account. In this particular case, being a WordPress site, I entered the code via Header/Footer plugin that was pre-installed into this template.

A glimpse at what “the code” looks like when grabbed from Google Analytics:

Google Analytics copy


Once the Analytics were installed on my site, I created a few basic filters to find out a little bit more about who visits my site.

  • Filter 1: Exclude my personal IP address
    Purpose: makes sure I don’t analyze myself!
  • Filter 2: Lowercase on request URI
    Purpose: makes sure there are no duplicate URLs in account.

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself too much while first experimenting

Things I would like to find out about my site:

  1. How many people are visiting my site? Are they leaving right away?
  2. How are they accessing my site ( desktop? mobile? tablet?)
  3. How many mobile users are on iOS vs Android?

After a few days of letting Google Analytics do it’s thing, here’s what I found out:

  1. My website had 66 unique visits in a just a few days!!
  2. 15% of new site visits were via mobile; 35% of returning visitors accessed my site via mobile.
  3. 83% of mobile visits were iOS vs 17% Android.

Below is an example of what my Google Analytics reporting looks like:



I am excited to learn more about the power of Google Analytics. As I gather more data and play around with the filters, it will be interesting to focus in of each of these visitor segments individually.

As I get more comfortable with Google Analytics, it will be helpful to start to see my audience’s specific needs and how I can adjust my website to benefit them,