Project: Video with Subtitles

This week my goal is to get familiar with some of the techniques and processes for making media files more accessible. I experimented with limited media files, but this has me thinking of how I can apply these techniques in future web development.

Below is the video I added subtitles to:

Here is the original video I transcribed (with link).

Technical challenges:

I found it was difficult to understand some of the words the chef was saying. (Like the name of the person who asked the question via Facebook, so I omitted it). I also was unsure if I should add all of the “Umms” and “So’s”, etc.

When I watched the video to check for errors, I found it hard to go back and edit a video once it was published without deleting all of my previous work.

I really enjoyed this project, mostly because I feel like I am helping someone learn! It is motivating to think I might be helping someone who might not otherwise use or understand the video. I really like subtitles and often use them when watching a show with heavy British, Irish or Scottish accents.

Were the tools provided by YouTube adequate?

I like the YouTube tools- EXCEPT for the fact I could not figure out how to go back and edit once I caught mistakes. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the results, and I now have an urge to go through videos in my spare time to fix/ add subtitles.

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