Project: Usability Test

Date of Test:  July 11, 2015

Location of Test:  Seattle, WA

Prepared for:

Prepared by: Kimberly Woodward


When choosing users, we were looking for Seattle residents who had little to no knowledge about Our 3 users included 2 users who use Cannibas ( 1 recreational user and 1 medical card holder) and 1 who does not use Cannibas (since one of our tasks required finding a store). Both groups of users were assigned common tasks like finding a store and less-common tasks like signing up for a newsletter.

I started qualitative analysis by watching User Testing videos and taking note of interesting moments. While analyzing the user tests, several interaction patterns started to surface. To summarize, I learned that the Search bar was one of the most mandatory features and that it was very easy to use— if users knew specific search criteria (such as the location of a business). Some of the other features weren’t as intuitive, though, as you’ll discover in the discussion below.


Who we tested

Three participants, evaluated 

NOTE:  I met with each participant about 15-20 minutes each. I briefed them on the site and had them complete 2 specific tasks: 

  • Sign up for the newsletter.
  • Find a recreational shop in Seattle, WA.

What data we collected

NOTE: Every person was able to complete each task within 2-5 minutes.

Major findings and recommendations

  • Users confused by the “Dispensaries/Collectives” tabs.

Solution– Only one user knew what “ Dispensaries/Collectives” meant  and this is because she had a medical card. Possible solution is to change the tab to “Medical Dispensary “.  If someone is looking on the site for someone else or doesn’t have a medical card, this is industry jargon that is unfamiliar to the layperson/non-user.

DISPENSARY- Marijuana Finder Seattle,WA - L_ - https___www.leafly.com_finder_seattle-wa#_list

  • Every tester thought the business sign-in was the newsletter sign up

Solution– Since this is site is a leading resource for information, it is important that existing/potential customers know how to sign up for information.

leafly-Marijuana Dispensary

  • People found the site very beautiful, but somewhat cluttered and confusing:

“The site feels busy, like they are trying to cram too much information on one page.”

“The site is a bit cluttered…a lot of it is very useful but it can feel overwhelming the first time you use it.”

  • The Search bar was still the preferred backup option

Solution– Our test also showed that people relied on the search bar when things weren’t clear.  One of the biggest takeaways was that the Search bar was used as a fallback…for example, instead of clicking through categories. It’s great that Leafly had this available at the top of the page in prominent location.

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