Usability Test


In this usability test, I asked coworkers a series of questions I prepared and recorded their answers based on their experiences on my chosen website. The main goal of the test here is the effectiveness of the website, in conveying it’s intended purpose to it’s targeted audience.

In choosing my site, I picked one that my coworkers aren’t familiar with, so as to try and capture their first impressions and rather unbiased answers to my questions. I figure, the site I picked is a tourism company’s site in Kiribati(see map here), a country that’s one of the least known, and least traveled-to destinations in the world, and so chances are they have never heard of or come across the site.

In summary, their answers were all consistent in that while the site is simple and clean, it lacks modern web elements that modern websites have. Things like applications, image sliders, videos, big bold colors and backgrounds would really make the experience more engaging and pleasurable. Especially for a site that is trying to sell it’s product(tourism in this case) to the outside world. Interestingly, they all agree that those things would have helped make them return to the site. Now, would they return to the site in the future? I didn’t ask them that question, but their answers can be good indications they may not!

copy-of-kiribatiholidays_site vs.


Here below is my set of questions with the answers from the test I conducted:

  • 1.What do you think the purpose of this site is? (i.e.                 selling, informing, entertainment, etc)


User 1. Advertising to the public.

User 2. Selling and advertising to the general public tourism                 in Kiribati.

User 3. Informing and selling tourism.

  • 2. Who do you think this site is for(audience)?

User 1. Probably people outside of the country.

User 2. Anyone interested in going to remote places.

User 3. Hard to tell by the lack of description on home page.

  •       3. Is the site adequate for its supposed purpose?

User 1. The site could make more use of interactive web                        technology. So no!

User 2. Not really, it’s pretty bland!

User 3. The site looks dated, and needs eye-catching content,                pics, videos, etc.


  •         4. Is there a coherent use of a color scheme?

  User 1. Somewhat, mostly the orange and maybe blue                           colors.

  User 2. Yeah, simple orange, and prevalent off-white                               background.

  User 3. Site could use more of the orange, in text headings.



  •        5. How did you find the layout of the site?

User 1. While content is tidy, it’s rather not modern enough                  like today’s sites.

User 2. Limited content, makes it look uninteresting.

User 3. Easy to follow layout, looks like it’s made for mobile                 or smaller screens.


  •      What would you change to make you return to this site in         the future?

User 1. More use of interactive content, like image slider,                      videos, etc.

User 2. Make the text bigger so I can read it easily.

User 3. Enlarge the pages so big, colorful pictures from the                    country can help sell tourism to the outside world.