Mobile Usability Test

Project:  Mobile Usability Test

URL of tested site:

Inmobile_phone_bw this usability test, I chose to test mobile version, a website for the company American Capitol Group based out of Bellevue(it’s my wife’s work). Up until now, I’ve never seen their site’s mobile version, and thankfully, it happened to be a good choice to test.

I asked 3 family members to be in my test, answering a set of 6 questions regarding the mobile site’s usability. The site proves to provide quite consistent results from my testing subjects. They all seem to come to the same consensus, that the mobile site needs a total makeover.

The home page does not quite open up to the full width of the mobile browser, instead it’s only half the screen size (see below). mobile site. mobile site.

Attached here is my questions and answers I gathered after I conducted my test with 3 family members.


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