Goal Experiment Summary Report

The goal for my project was to have visitors go to the About page on the User Science Journal. I requested friends to visit the post that I set up the goal on through Facebook and other social media.


Initially, I set the goal for my assignment to complete two things: the user to click on the Instagram link by Best Food Seattle and my About page but since I didn’t own the Instagram link it wasn’t possible to set up the event for that action.

I conducted a usability test with some of the visitors that had visited my original goal page. From that review, I changed the presentation by adding an image with text for web accessibility for the About page to promote more goal conversions and added that variation page to the Google Content Experimentation for the week.


Content Experiment
Content Experiment

I hadn’t realized that I set up the Content Experiment analytics code incorrectly until the next day and updated the configuration to use the Universal Code in WordPress. My timing might have been off because it reset the experiment and I had requested friends to visit the blog earlier. I didn’t get as many visitors as the first goal experiment and there wasn’t enough data to conclude a winner. But Variant 1 with the change did have more views than the original and with longer session duration.


Variant had more conversions
Variant had a higher probability of outperforming

Google analytics wasn’t able to provide a winner between the two pages but the probability of outperformance does make me think that adding an image to highlight the goal page would help if I launched that page instead of the original version which had discreet text to lead the user to the About page.

Creating events and a content experiment correctly was a bit of a challenge because I was unfamiliar with how Word Press accepts it and the instructions were different from what the video and guides provided. I had to do a bit of searching but I think if I kept this running for another week and sent it to more friends, I would have more data to review. It was interesting to see the data and analytics for active pages and I’m excited to use this for future pages that I will help set up at work.

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