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Usability Test on Goal

Goal Review
Goal Review

I had requested friends to visit my User Science Journal post that I set up a goal on through Facebook and other social media. I had 15 goal completions and 12% conversion rate. The funnel to go through “continue reading” didn’t seem to work but it may be that I gave the direct link to the blog versus the main blog page which has the “continue reading” link.

Main blog post link
Main blog post link without “continue reading” break
Main page of blog with the "continue reading"
Main page of blog with the “continue reading”


I will try another request to have people visit the blog but with the main page link so that they have access to the “more” option to get to the rest of the blog.

Change in Presentation

From three visitors I inquired on the About page which is the goal for the assignment, they mentioned that it wasn’t as obvious with only the text as direction to the page. What struck out the most for the blog were the images on the post. I didn’t instruct users on where to go or which links to click but asked them to visit the page generally. Adding an icon or image to help visitors move to that goal might help. I also added the About page on the left column and it does appear on the drop down menu for mobile.

I added the Google Content Experimentation to the reporting feature and made the same blog post as the variation. The changeĀ is an image for the About page in the post to attract readers to click further. Text on where the image goes to is placed next to it for web accessibility and to promote more goal conversions.

Discreet text for the goal
Text for the goal in original post

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