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SU Jobsite

Web Analytics on Seattle University’s jobsite: jobs.seattleu.edu

For this review, I linked Google Analytics tracking code to Seattle University’s jobsite.

I chose this site because I am working on the new recruiting platform that will be implemented next spring and curious in the user traffic to the current system. Registering and adding the code to the site was simple and manually entered. Google Analytics provides easy to follow instructions.

SU jobsite
SU jobsite


I would like to find out how many users visit the site and out of those which are new users. Also, are they local or out of state visitors? I’m assuming most will be from the US and in the PNW region but with social media outreach and advertising, it would be interesting to see if users are coming from further regionally. How are they finding this jobpage and how long do they stay?

Preliminary Findings



For the week, 2130 users visited the website with a 50/50 split on new and returning visitors. The average time that is spent on the main jobsite is 3 mins 29 seconds.

93.88% of the users come from the US with the next country being Canada at .90%. For the top 10 cities, users mainly were located in Washington state (40%). New York, Austin, Portland and El Dorado Hills round up the top 10 numbers.

The traffic sources report was the most interesting and informative. Referral from another website (Indeed, SU’s main page, etc ) was almost half of the traffic at 47.82%. These are the other main sources:

26.43% Direct to jobsite or jobposting

23.8% Organic search with a variation of keywords matching seattle university jobs

1.48% Social -Facebook, Glassdoor, etc

I’m not surprised at the findings but it is neat to see the data in the analytics to confirm the users that are visiting the jobsite and how they are directed to it.

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