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Adding subtitles for Dads That Cook: BBQ Lamb Chops video

I chose a how-to-cook/grill video for my subtitles assignment because personally, most of the videos that I watch and search for are cooking instruction ones. I especially appreciate videos that lay out the ingredients and use text to highlight them and describe the actions. Even though I can hear, it has been helpful visually and with language barriers for videos coming from outside the US that otherwise would have been in another language such as this one: Green Tea Crepe Cake (Korean).

I downloaded the video, BBQ Lamb Chops, from Internet Archive and uploaded to my YouTube channel to start the subtitle/caption process. When I selected English, it gave me three options: upload a file/transcript, transcribe and set timing, or create subtitles/caption as it played. The option for automatic captioning did not appear until after I transcribed and set timing. I didn’t realize that wouldn’t be an option because there were two chefs (probably should have selected a video with one person) until I started and that prevented the autocaption to work since their speech overlapped. But I thought it would be a good challenge plus I was in the mood to make lamb chops.

The first thing I noticed was how quickly people speak and to capture what they said was a constant stop the recording, rewind, type, stop, rewind, type action. It was great that YouTube’s transcribe feature will stop the video as you type and start when you stop but it misses a half a second at the beginning so you do still have to rewind a bit to hear the beginning of the section you were working on. Also, with two people in the video I didn’t know if I should capture the background chatter or comments of one of them as the other speaks. I made a judgement call based on the value of adding that in the subtitles. It did take longer than I expected (a little more than an hour) but the set timing feature was a great tool. I took what I wrote and placed the text in the video where it thought it should be placed in sections. I was then able to review the video with the subtitles to make edits to the text and move the sections around to fit the timing better. Some of the subtitles were placed too early or late in the stream. When the auto caption version appeared under my version, I was impressed at how similar it was to my manual version. I’m sure if I used it to subtitle other videos, it would shorten the time because all I would need to do is edit the text and adjust the sections for correct timing.

I watched the video several times after I was done and thought it looked great and flowed well with the added subtitles. I also uploaded the subtitle file to Internet Archive.

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