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DOORDASH Usability review of food delivery service, DOORDASH


DOORDASH’s site provides customers delivery and preorder services of products from local restaurants and merchants. So far, in my area the services are limited to restaurants that offer delivery or preorders for pickup.

From initial review, DOORDASH’s design is user friendly and follows the principles of providing a clear, simple, and consistent navigation design.


Krug’s Trunk Test

Following Krug’s Trunk Test from Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited, DOORDASH passes with only a few recommendations that I will comment on.

Trunk Test
Trunk Test

The site ID and page name are visible as you move along the site. The main page for DOORDASH is pretty easy for the user to follow. As a customer, you visit the site to order food for delivery. They offer pleasing options for the search-dominant and link-dominant users with the search tool right at the top and colorful buttons with the top search choices. If I don’t see a button for the cuisine I want, I can search for it instead.

Below the buttons are the restaurants (in their brand logo) available in my area which is based on the address I entered in the top utility area. DOORDASH divides these by price, delight (their brand phrase for highly rated restaurants), speed of delivery, and deals. The scrolling of these restaurant logos are easy to go through and recognizable. And also heightens my hunger level.

When you click on the restaurant, the page displays the restaurant logo and the DOORDASH site ID on the top left so that you know what restaurant menu you are reviewing and if needed, you can click on the site ID to go back to the beginning or click Back which conveniently takes you back to the search results if you had entered one (ahhh! wonderful).


As you scroll down the menu, the logo of the restaurant doesn’t follow. According to the Trunk Test, for consistency, it would be best to show the page name throughout the navigation so that the user can easily view it and know where they are. Another recommendation is with the search function. Some of the searches bring up restaurants that do not offer that item. For instance, I searched for “ramen” and a restaurant appeared that had ramen in its name but did not offer it on their menu for some reason. That should be an easy tweak if the company reviews the menus and updates the search tags.

Other helpful design features

Want Seconds?
Want Seconds?

DOORDASH offers a utility feature for your order history and with that click, you can view your previous orders and place a re-order or send feedback on the delivery.

Changed your mind?
Changed your mind?

I also enjoy that their design recognizes that you started to add items from another restaurant’s menu (while you have an item from another place) and will send a prompt to clear it without you having to do so manually.

All in all, DOORDASH’s site is easy to follow and find what you want with little to no frustration points.




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