Goal & Funnel

Rainbow Crepe Cake at Rain Cafe, Seattle
Rainbow Crepe Cake at Rain Cafe, Seattle

Google Analytics: Goals & Funnel

Crepe Cakes. This has been an obsession of mine over the year because of an episode on Martha Bakes. Martha Stewart created this absolutely delectable Matcha Green Tea Crepe Cake, layer by layer.

The goal I set up for my assignment will be for the user to click on the Instagram link by Best Food Seattle and my About page. The goal will be in the post, Crepe & Cake.  The funnel path will be for the user to click “Continuing reading” on the post which will also lead them to a video on how to make a crepe cake of their own, Best Food Seattle’s Instagram and About.

Just Add Analytics

SU Jobsite

Web Analytics on Seattle University’s jobsite: jobs.seattleu.edu

For this review, I linked Google Analytics tracking code to Seattle University’s jobsite.

I chose this site because I am working on the new recruiting platform that will be implemented next spring and curious in the user traffic to the current system. Registering and adding the code to the site was simple and manually entered. Google Analytics provides easy to follow instructions.

SU jobsite
SU jobsite

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Video with Subtitles

Adding subtitles for Dads That Cook: BBQ Lamb Chops video

I chose a how-to-cook/grill video for my subtitles assignment because personally, most of the videos that I watch and search for are cooking instruction ones. I especially appreciate videos that lay out the ingredients and use text to highlight them and describe the actions. Even though I can hear, it has been helpful visually and with language barriers for videos coming from outside the US that otherwise would have been in another language such as this one: Green Tea Crepe Cake (Korean).

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Evaluating Accessibility

siff logo


Accessibility Review of SIFF. www.siff.net

I’ve chosen SIFF’s site to conduct a brief web accessibility review for Web  Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508 compliance. SIFF brings year round international and independent films to the Seattle area and promotes film education through several program offerings.

“SIFF’s mission is to create experience that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world. It is through the art of cinema that we foster a community that is more informed, aware, and alive.”

Web accessibility is important to carry out their mission and the recommended enhancements can not only assist with compliance to the guidelines but also to reach a diverse audience.

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Mobile Usability Test

chanUser mobile test on Chan Restaurant:  www.chanseattle.com


I chose to re-test Chan Restaurant’s webpage on mobile. To read my review of their desktop site, check out: Usability Test.

Test Script

Mobile Test Script
Mobile Test Script


  User1 User2 User3 User4
Gender Male Female Female Female
Age 33 48 47 23
Ethnicity Israeli White Mixed White
Profession IT D&T Comp HR

I had each user review Chan’s webpage on an Iphone 6s to allow for consistency in format and functionality. I also took into consideration Krug’s tips for “The Logistics of Mobile Testing” from Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited, Chapter 10. I tested the wireless mirroring app,  Reflector 2, but found that it had a delay so by the time it caught up, I was on another tab or scrolling in another area and it didn’t record my actions earlier. It could’ve been my laptop and connection so to be safe, I observed the participants as they reviewed the site and took notes. Like the first usability test, the participants spoke out loud as they moved through and made comments on how it was going for them and what they liked or didn’t like. User1 participated in the test for the desktop version so that I could ask comparison questions on the two versions of their site. User 2-4 did not participate in the previous test and was not familiar with Chan’s webpage.

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Usability Test

chanUser test on Chan Restaurant:  www.chanseattle.com


I selected one of my favorite restaurants and favorite Korean restaurant in Seattle, Chan, to conduct the webpage usability test. Chan is known for their Korean inspired cuisine and fun assortment of cocktails (including infused soju). They offer a delicious happy hour which has been mentioned in local articles/blogs and noted on their Press page, along with being one the 12 essential happy hours in Seattle.

Test Script



  User1 User2 User3 User4
Gender Male Male Female Female
Age 33 33 24 35
Ethnicity Israeli White Latino White
Profession IT PR HR Higher Ed

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Usable Design Analysis

DOORDASH Usability review of food delivery service, DOORDASHhttps://www.doordash.com/


DOORDASH’s site provides customers delivery and preorder services of products from local restaurants and merchants. So far, in my area the services are limited to restaurants that offer delivery or preorders for pickup.

From initial review, DOORDASH’s design is user friendly and follows the principles of providing a clear, simple, and consistent navigation design.


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Analyze for Usability

Usability review of Seattle University’s SU Online user account page: https://suonline.seattleu.edu/

Recently, my account and personal information was used to test a data feed as part of the university’s ERP implementation project. SU Online is a self service page for students to review their financial aid, registration, pay invoices and review other documents in relation to their student status with the university. There is also an employee and faculty portal but the self service options are limited to paystubs, W-2s and web time entry for those that apply. With the ERP project, it is the hope that the self service features will become more robust and employees will be able to maintain their information online versus paper forms.

While reviewing my account (I’m a student and employee), I was asked why I had six different phone numbers in the system and if my current information was correct? I thought I updated this a while ago but went in to clean it up for them to see which fields the data was populating and the workflow. Since I was testing this for the project, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and also select this site to review its usability.

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