Google Analytics, 2 of 4: Goals and Events

Defining my goal

Something that drove creating the Carl Sagan, “Karl Sayagain”, tribute site was a desire to collect recipes in the same way one might collect stories or jokes, meaning from other people, with prompting. For a previous version of this project, I requested recipes from people and added them all manually. This batch of recipes serves as the “starter” for the current project, which finally includes a form that can accept contributions and make them automatically available to display.

Setting this goal up on my site

I defined “submit a recipe” as a goal in Google Analytics and since I also hope that visitors refresh the page to see recipes others have submitted (and potentially their own), I defined another goal of “refreshing the page”.

The vue-analytics plugin makes it breezy to install google tracking for general tracking but a little bit more work is required for event tracking. Fortunately, the documentation covers how to do this pretty well and I didn’t have much trouble getting this set up.

There are four parameters which can be associated with event “hits”: eventCategory, eventAction, eventLabel, and eventValue. For the purposes of tracking events leading up to the goal of “submit recipe” I used just the first two parameters, eventCategory and eventAction.

I also added events to the two “Contribute” buttons on the home page. For this event I used the third parameter, eventLabel, to distinguish traffic to one or the other in the collected data. As always, naming things is hard and were I to go back I’m sure I would take a more considered approach to this task.

Defining this goal in the Google Analytics console

Back in Google Analytics, I created four goals with the type “event”:

1. Get new recipe (refresh page)
2. Submit recipe
3 Use main button to get to contribute form
4. Use button in nav bar to get to contribute form

How the Funnel worked out

According to Google Analytics, my conversion rate for the goal of “submit recipe” is 22.58%! This isn’t too bad, I think, but it is a little worse for my knowing which of those numbers are my own (I’ve learned my lesson here). A few (well, 3) people completed the goal of submitting the recipe, but since the path to the contribute forms is just one click away, the “funnel” isn’t especially exciting.

Confession: Only three of those goal completions are legit

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