Analytics Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Analytics Scavenger Hunt!


  1. There are several items to find on this hunt. They are all located somewhere on this site.
  2. Follow the clues. All items are only one click away from their clue.
  3. When you are finished submit a comment on this post and tell us how many of the items you found.

Clue 1

Sometimes the way to find the best starting point is to contact the source.

36 thoughts on “Analytics Scavenger Hunt

  1. all of them. it took me longer then normal because I kept getting interrupted, that’s what I get for doing this at work. that game at the end makes no sense to me. I don’t mean because it’s there or anything like that, I mean the game itself.

  2. I managed to get them all 🙂 The second clue was definitely the toughest for me to figure out. This is such a great idea and a cool way to integrate what you learned into a project. Great job!

    1. Thanks for playing BJ! You achieved the goal–following the path of clues to the final game and then commenting about it. Good to know it wasn’t clear enough in the instructions. I appreciate the feedback. Collecting that information is also an important part of user testing.

  3. Hi! Loved the game – great site! The only issue was that the ‘post a comment’ link did not work when I clicked it. Was that a link? I had assumed so…. You are very talented! Thanks for letting me have a looky-loo!!

    1. Thanks for playing! I appreciate you letting me know about the link. It appears to be breaking on some browser and not others–I’ll be tracking that in my analysis as well.

  4. I think I found all the clues! I like the 2048 game. I was glad the first clue in the hunt seemed easy: I felt confident that I could find the rest also.

  5. Got off to clunky start but finally found my way…SO COOL, Beth! I really got addicted to the 2048 game though I never did make 2048, ha! As we say in social work, it’s the process that’s important . Thanks for sharing, very interesting and gave me new (renewed?) respect for this type of analytics!

  6. Hey good job Beth!

    I had a pretty easy time but got sightly confused getting from the squirrel to the game. I was trying to find a four digit number to get me there until I realized there was just a “game” button to push. I didn’t beat the number game, but I made it about halfway there.

    1. Eric! Thanks so much for giving this a whirl. Great feedback about that step in the game. It’s helpful for my analysis. Glad you enjoyed 2048. It’s been pretty popular. 🙂

  7. I solved 4 clues. The game was fun! Took me a minute to realize I wasn’t supposed to come up with a sum of 2048, I don’t play a lot of internet games. Great site, very easy to navigate, quite intuitive!

  8. I believe I got four clues, although I couldn’t scroll to read how to play the game and was, therefore, not successful in playing it. (I don’t play a lot of games on the computer, so it’s likely user error.) My 8yo daughter was with me for this Scavenger Hunt and we both really enjoyed the Squeak the Squirrel video – and watched it through to the end to see what he could learn! Thanks for inviting me to give you feedback…hope it helped!

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